From January 1992, importable in the US. It has had a very shitty black respray done to it and we have a good two weeks of work to stop a rust hemoragy of the floor pan on the passenger side.

Otherwise, the body is very straight and looks good, same for the interior that is nice and all... Mechanically, you can hammer on it, it’s solid. Just this paint and the rust on the passenger side’s floor.

Now the good thing. It would be cheap as fuck. $5500 landed in any port in North America or Europe. And most of all, it’s the ideal candidate if someone want to do a trackday car or autocross car... Once repaired and ready to roll, I will do my usual ton of pictures to go with the car and I will do an extensive filmed test drive of it on Mount Rokko for you guys that will definitely test the car’s mechanical strength.

But it’s a great opportunity for someone who wants to buy a Cappuccino for damn cheap, either to work on or to convert into a racecar.

I’m just posting here to see if there are some interest :)



And the state of the floor pan on the passenger side... Yep, we have some work :)


So, shitty paint, currently crappy floor panel that will be worked on. But a car that is becoming more and more expensive, much rarer than Honda Beat, much faster too and for a price that is really fairly low and that will be in a good mechanical condition to be beaten onto. NP or CP?