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In a move that will shock you only because it took so long for it to happen, Lexus is adding a 3rd row to the RX

In the year of our lord 2017, the only way to get a 3-row Lexus vehicle is in the form of a truck-based SUV, even though the bread-n-butter RX shares its platform with the Toyota Highlander, which has offered a 3rd row since 2004. Lexus is (finally) remedying this.

According to Autoblog, at the L.A. Auto Show, Lexus will introduce an extended-length L version of the current RX350 and RX450h, that adds a 3rd row of seats. Lexus expanded on this information in an Instagram post that actually doesn’t expand on this information at all, but does crop the teaser image above into a square.


I’m mildly shocked that it took Lexus this long to make a 3-row crossover. Acura has been selling the 3-row MDX in the same price bracket as the RX since 2001. Lexus has been selling the 2-row NX since 2015. I guess someone finally told them that 3 row crossovers are a thing.

Maybe this will incrementally reduce the number of extremely tall Lexus GXes being aggressively driven around my affluent, suburban corner of Wisconsin by rich people looking for something like a Range Rover, but reliable. Actually, the GX hasn’t been all that popular around here for several years. And maybe we do want people to keep buying GXes so that a ready supply of them continues to reach their third owners who use them like the Land Cruiser Prados they are underneath, while cursing their need to replace expensive air springs.

Welcome to the 3-row crossover party, Lexus!

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