So a few weeks back, my mother-in-law totaled her beloved and trusty 2002 Saturn SL2. She walked away with a generous $1,500 check from her insurance company, with which she intends to purchase a car. So I drove out here today to help her make an informed choice. I ask of you, fellow Opponauts, which of these sub $2000 cars with automatic gearboxes (sadly.) would be the best bet?

2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue - I'm intrigued by the Shortstar V6.

1995 Toyota 4Runner


2003 Ford Taurus - I think it's a loaded one.


2003 Saturn L200 - it's the 2.2L model, not the funky 54° V6 borrowed from Saab/Cadillac. I've heard these are remarkably reliable.