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In car video, first time autocrossing.

Definitely time to invest in a GoPro. Cell phone did ok, but I demand better. Had a lot of fun, and was one of the fastest to run today.

Also got to finally meet the only other MK2 MR2 owner in the area (after driving past him countless times), as well as seeing an MK1 and a 2zz swapped MK3, that I got to ride in. Got to drive a MazdaSpeed Miata that was fantastic, and made me realize how shit my suspension really is. Coilovers arrive monday, I can't wait to have such confidence inspiring handling.


This video is my fastest run of the day, 43.9 seconds. The fastest overall time, 40.9, went to a race prepped Miata; with some great tires on it.

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