Orange is a color you can find on only a few cars. Sonic and Cruze are some of them. But when you slowly climb up the expensive car ladder, there’s a huge lack of orange cars priced between Veloster Turbos and 2008 Gallardos. LEXUS however is someone that tries to bridge that gap (for me at least.)

Lexus’ RC F was released a couple of years ago with a color choice called Solar Flare.

Look at that fine orange. Can you imagine getting it cause you love orange and then immediately regretting it for the 5-7 years you’ll own it because you’re driving around a damn pumpkin

Now I hear everyone saying, EY YO, BMW offers orange on their cars like the Lime Rock M3 and that dark orange color now. Yes I see that, but my parents had the most awful experience with a 1998 328i we purchased from a family friend. (Love the car, but he didn’t tell us it was in an accident -_- and repairs went through the roof until we traded it for a lease on a GX470.) So if them being Asian didn’t make them hate German cars, that sure did.

So they’ve pretty much narrowed down the possible cars that can one day be picked up off the used market in orange to Toyota and Lexus. I’m placing the happiness of my first car into the hands of a company that can’t stop adding angles to a Prius.

I’ve pretty much been waiting for RC F prices to drop under $40k preferably $35k honestly. And my weekly Autotrader searches has been making me happy and then they release this.


I like sedans way more but this starts at like $30k more than the RC F so I’d have to wait an extra $30ks worth of depreciating time.



“OH YEAAAAH.” -That large fruit punch jug guy whose name escapes me at the moment.

Starting at $35k (and hopefully will depreciate at a reasonable rate) the NX200t F- Sport gets an option for orange this year and I am excited.

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