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In case anyone on Oppo likes computers

Here's a couple shots I just took of mine


It's running a Phenom x6 1055t overclocked to 3.5 ghz for daily use, 3.8 for when I need that little extra "omph". I haven't tried getting it to that magical 4.0 on this motherboard yet, but it was a failure on my old one.

It currently has 8gbs of Kingston 1600mhz RAM. A little bit low these days, but my RAM usage never comes close to even 4gbs. I just put 4 sticks in because it looks nice :D. The GPU is a 7950. I love the black PCB combined with the aluminium heat pipes. Can't really see it in this picture but it looks amazing. Once the prices drop on the 7950 I plan on adding another one. Just one for three monitors just doesn't cut it!

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