Given the buzz around the New Navara and the revelation that Nissan may be hard at work getting the previous generation ready to pass us safety and emissions standards I wanted to see what the difference is between the current frontier and the old D22 that may be coming to the US.

comparing largest and most powerful options (4x4 crew cab long bed with the largest non-supercharged engine) The D22 is

9 inches shorter wheelbase

2.4 inches shorter overall

1 inch narrower

3 inches less tall

500 lbs lighter

91 hp down

79 ft-lbs down

1 mpg city/combined down

2 mpg highway down

4.5 mpg real reported mileage down (


Hmmm, given that if its certified for sale in the US it will probably gain weight for crash not sure its a compelling prospect. Its not smaller enough and its a terrible value unless its dirt cheap.

However, when you compare the smallest offering of the D22 to the smallest current frontier, it gets more interesting


10 inches shorter wheelbase

21.2 inches shorter

6.3 inches narrower (somehow)

11.4 inches less tall

470 lbs lighter

2 hp down

16 ft-lbs down

1 mpg better city/highway

5.2 mpg real world reported mileage UP

Maybe there is room in America for both trucks.