Every once in a while, my mind tends to wander into Zombie Apocalypse type scenarios. Last time I posted about these thoughts was in July (about electric vehicles and zombies). This time is keyless entry/key fobs.

I got out of my car, put my hand over the handle to lock my door, and walked away. Keys stayed on a carabiner somewhere on one of my belt loops. As I walked away, I remembered how easy it was to get into the car. Stroll up, open door. None of this:

It was so simple. No fumbling. Just walk over and open. Simple. Perfect for when zombies are on your ass.

However, what if the battery on the fob is dead? It's the same issue if your remote is out of batteries but the difference is that the set with a remote typically has a key attached. My keys have that except like this:


THAT WOULD SUCK. I mean, panicking with a regular key can be seen when you step outside to walk your dog, see a coyote in your yard 20 feet away, and try to get back inside before something happens to you or your dog (happened to a friend...couldn't get the keys steady to open the door) so can you imagine trying to pop open the fob, pick out the little key thing, propping it up with the fob (it inserts a bit) and opening the door WHILE BEING CHASED BY ZOMBIES?!? I guess it's a give and take.

What other more recent updates to vehicle tech can aid or hinder zombie survival? Who knows what will pop into my head next?

Moral of the story, in the event of a zombie apocalypse and you have a key fob, carry extra batteries and make sure they are always changed.