I’ve been here for seven and a half years. I’m not old guard, but I’m up there. So I have a few thoughts.

I have written exactly nothing of note out here, but I think I might’ve been a positive part of this community? Anyways, thank you all for the good laughs and chats, the shitposts, the longform stuff, all of it. Thank you to everyone here who has been supportive of me through me navigating my teenage years, into adulthood, and finally figuring something out, maybe.


To the Oppos I’ve met, cheers for being good dudes. It’s funny how the internet has given me some great real life friends.

To the ones I haven’t, well, maybe some day? I especially like you PNW guys and the European guys. You’re all a hoot.

In any case, I’ll see you all on Reddit or the new Oppo whenever it gets up and running. If anyone needs to contact me for whatever, I’m at leducthecanuck [at] gmail dot com. I’m also on Instagram for incredibly balls photography.

And now, with Kinja maybe finally going, will I reveal what I do for a living?


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