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In case you missed it, 3 DeLoreans are driving across the globe.

That’s right, across the entire globe. Who says DeLoreans, and those spunky little PRV V6 engines aren’t reliable?

It’s project that’s been in the works for a while now. What started as an idea gradually became a project with test runs all across Europe, and even the Polar Circle. This was to help make the cars as bulletproof as possible for their long trek ahead. And best of all, these were derelict cars that were given a new lease on life. Cars that were once written off as too far gone have now not only been given a new lease on life, but are proving their worth of just how good they, and any DeLorean DMC-12 can be!


Here’s a video with more details (turn on closed captions for your language of choice) of both the tour, and some of the car mods to help make this trip possible:

So how are things going? Well the team left Germany on September 5th, and as of today they’re already in Isfahan, Iran!

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So the good news is that if you’ve never seen a DeLorean before, and live thousands of miles away from the closest one, there’s a good chance you can see one in the flesh! Their routes have already taken them through the Balkans, and is primed for Asia, across the Australian Outback, North America, Iceland, and is destined to end in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland at the original DeLorean Factory in time for the 35th Anniversary of the Car!


Follow along on their tour to see where these adventurers Andre, Wolfgang, and Klaus are, as well as where they’re going to be!…

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