Fake valet takes £80k Bentley for a five star car wash - and smashes it through a brick wall

Crumpled, scratched and filthy… this isn’t exactly how Jessica Sawyer expected to find her cherished £80,000 Bentley GTC after dropping it off for a “five-star” car wash.

Shocked Jessica burst into tears when she returned an hour later to discover it had been driven through a brick wall.

She said yesterday: “I just freaked out. I was so upset because it was my 30th birthday present from my mum and I only got it in December.”

She told how how she had handed over the keys of the black automatic to a man who appeared to be working at the Wash and Shine in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.


But 50 minutes later she got a call from police to say it had ploughed straight into the reception area.

Telecom worker Jessica, from Bramhall, Cheshire, says the car wash denied responsibility, claiming the man she gave the keys to didn’t work there – he was a would-be thief.


Police have said it is a civil matter.

And although Jessica’s insurance will cover the £38,000 damage following the incident in May, she fears her premiums will rocket.

Last night a man claiming to be the new owner of the car wash said: “We only took over the business a month ago.”


(The Mirror)