Replacing the third brake light.

How does Hyundai expect anyone, but an elf, to be able to reinstall this 3rd brake light? Also


Hyundai- Don’t worry, the bulb totally won’t fall through while your trying to fit it into the assembly.

Me- ok

Hyundai- lol jk it totes will.

Same for the damn screw. There’s a screw you have to undo (no pics) and there’s a little access hole for you to get it.

Hyundai- don’t worry, the screws not gonna fall out and land where you can’t reach it, even though you’re using a magnetic screwdriver.

Me- k

Hyundai- PSYCH! LMAO!!!

This is why I will never be a mechanic

Boss- Hey, replace the 3rd brake light on this car.

Me- ‘ight.


Me- I’m done!

Boss- uhhhh. You wanna eat dinner with me and my wife tonight? Not because I like you, but it’s the only meal you’re going to be able to afford this week.


Me- :(