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In case you thought I was being dramatic

Yesterday was a weird day. My client and I went to see the Regional Director in Visalia to confirm the location of the ballots and try to verify that they have not been tampered with in the 5 years that the state has been refusing to count them. The day before, thebl Executive Secretary of the ALRB refused to even say where they were. Chris Schneider, the Regional Director, confirmed they were in Visalia, but refused to show them to us. He did reassure us that he is neutral and unbiased, which made me feel so much better.


This is a picture of Chris Schneider, the Regional Director, at his wedding. On his left is Cesar Chavez. Yes, that Cesar Chavez. Schneider started volunteering for the UFW as a teen, and became an organizer. They put him in their legal apprenticeship program and trained him to be a lawyer. (California is one of the only states that does not requre a JD, only to pass the bar) He went on after the UFW to be a legal aid lawyer until the ALRB hired him two years ago.

With that biography, I am sure he can be neutral in a case where farmworkers have organized themselves against the UFW, and the union that was the foundation of his entire career is reeling.

In California, they don’t even try to hide the corruption. They will never stop. Once they count the ballots, it will be back to litigation as they try to overturn the result. I would like to finish this job before I retire or die.

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