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In case you wanted to see it - Duramax 3.0 I6 EDIT: Now with "facts"!


In the age of Diesel filtration an inline layout makes a lot of sense. Also note it features a new magical serpentine belt. (AC and power steering most likely). I want it.

EDIT: Man, this post is seeing a lot of views but very few comments. I guess I had better add some “facts” here to spice things up.

1. The engine code is LMAO

2. Injectors are anaphasic Botch type with Hypergolic actuators

3. Cooled EVA circuit

4. Hypereutectic crowns

5. Integrated soup warming canister

6. 245/450 number units

7. Built to have 600 hp and 1500 lbs feet but detuned at the factory for reasons.


8. Utilizes wireframe technology for extreme weight savings

9. Wideband fuel pressure regulator to lift and separate.

10. Integrated tertiary exhaust flow path regulators with downstream catatonic converters.


11. Minimum 55/25 mph highway/city

Well thats all we know about this engine for sure right now. check back later for other totally factual updates.

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