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Earlier this afternoon, it came to my attention via the Twitter dot com that our beloved dear leader (for now), Travis, very seriously and for totally for real fired Doug DeMuro over a typo. I get that. Typos are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things. Who wants to live in a world where people think that "your" and "you're" can be used interchangeably? I certainly don't. Their are few things that are harder, too reed then a post bye a author who can't except that grammar spelling and punctuation is importent. Such authors definately deserve two bee fired, if not shot.


The thing is though, even though Doug deserved to be fired, I firmly believe that he deserves to be rehired. Why do I believe this? To put it simply, it's because he didn't murder me.

I don't know if you've ever been in the middle of a conversation and heard yourself say something that totally made sense at the time, but when viewed out of context, sounded weird or possibly crazy. Maybe that's just me. Anyways, while I have been known to make statements that sound crazy out of context, I also have a habit of acting in a way that may be slightly crazy when viewed out of context.


Such was the case recently when I headed off to attend the Atlanta International Auto Show (which should definitely be called the Atlanta Local Area Auto Show, but that's beside the point). As most of you know, one of Jalopnik's employees currently lives in Atlanta. Upon mentioning that I would be attending an auto show in his city, this Jalopnik employee casually suggested that we meet up.

It wasn't until I texted my girlfriend about the auto show that I realized how weird this actually was.


"Just finishing up with the show. Probably going to see Doug."

"Who's Doug?"

"He's this guy from the internet who I'm going to drive over to meet."

You know, when you put it like that, it sounds a lot less casual than it feels.

"Oh, you know, no big deal. This guy from the internet wants to show me his cool cars, so I'm going to go drive to meet him. Surely he's not going to murder me or drug me and steal my organs for sale on the black market. He seems so friendly in his videos. Bad guys are never friendly. They wear black and kick dogs and stuff. I've never seen a video of Doug kicking a dog."


Even better, my phone was dying. By the time I got close to finding where he was, I had 1% battery left. That's not how horror movies start at all, right?

Then, probably in an effort to make me feel more comfortable with this not-at-all sketchy situation, I got a message from Doug: "Just come around back. I've got the car parked back here."


Yep. I was just a guy about to meet up with another guy off the internet who wants to show me his cool car that he has parked around back, away from all the witnesses, and if I needed to call for help, my phone would maybe only last long enough for me to get out a desperate, "Help..." *click*. Nope, that's not the set up for a horror movie where I get murdered at all.

But you know what? It was not the set up for a horror movie. I did not get murdered. I did not pass out and wake up in an ice bath. To my knowledge, I still have both kidneys. Doug was actually a nice guy from the internet who kicked zero dogs, actually wanted to show me a cool car, and never once tried to kidnap me.


So Travis, if you are reading this (which hopefully you will because I'm about to tweet it at you), please rehire Doug. The world needs more nice guys who show cool cars to other guys that they meet on the internet without murdering them, even if those guys do occasionally submit posts with typos in them.

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