Ok Guys, the 1982-2002 Camaro and Firebird are considered garbage by magazine racers and Supra/Nissan/Miata FANBOYS. Look, I know the F-body and a solid rear react like an Axe Murderer in the corners, but my 2002 SS Camaro achieved a higher skidpad rating than the Z06, but Chevrolet buried that fact because they felt guilty at cancelling Camaro and Firebird (which let them demolish their ancient factory in Quebec and not have to pay French Canadians...)

The 4th gen was an evolution of the 3rd gen which was designed by 70’s engineers who might have been doing coke....But I have had 7 of the 3rd gen Camaros, and I bought my 2002 SS new on 9/10/01, and since every bushing is Poly she handles like new.

What are your opinons of the Vintage F-Body?