The hate is strong for the F-150 Limited that was written about on Jalopnik! Here some examples of the general reception and comments:

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Everyone above is wrong. Ford is not going to price themselves out of the market. If you don’t know how money works and are interested in impressing others, the F-150 Limited is a terrible choice. And it’s not absurd.

In honor of last night’s debate, let’s start by ignoring facts and starting with my anecdote that I’m unapologetically using as confirmation bias:

A friend of mine, named Dave, is a very successful surgeon. For decades, he has been very conservative with his car purchases, but decided it was time for something nicer this year. I talked to him about the E-Class, 550i, CTS, etc., and nothing was really grabbing his attention; he’s too good with money, and the depreciation on those cars is ugly. He was also concerned that some of the options I mentioned were too flashy for his taste (Looking at you, Ghibli). However, he stuck by his demand for a vehicle that was new, quick, and that featured a great deal of luxury and comfort.


Spring rolled around and it was time to tow the boats down to his lake house. At the time, Dave had a glorious GMT800 Suburban. It was a 2500 with the 8.1 engine, Quadrasteer, and a bunch of towing customizations done by some shop down in Texas. At ~15 years old after living a hard life, the Suburban was wearing out quickly, which was kind of a headache for Dave - it was getting time for a new tow vehicle as well.

Now, imagine, for someone like him, if a vehicle existed that featured the vast majority of creature comforts found in an A6, could easily tow a wakeboarding boat, was likely to be more reliable than a 550i, and it only cost as much as the sedans he was looking at. Sounds pretty reasonable. And I do realize that trucks are likely to start depreciating quickly again when gas goes back up, but at least it’s not an immediate guarantee, like everything else.


Enter, the F-150 Limited. The price was highly negotiable, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid in cash.


So, Dave got to sell his extra vehicle (the Suburban), which brought down his annual maintenance costs, the impact of the new car’s purchase on his wallet, and now gets the satisfaction of towing with something that gets decent fuel efficiency. He loves it. Meanwhile, I suspect that most people can tell it’s a nice ride, but it doesn’t shout the way that BMW or Jaguar would, amongst a sea of other pickup trucks on the road. In fact, his is white, so I’d argue that it’s even more understated than the one pictured.

A few other, less anecdotal points to consider:

  • If you wouldn’t be taken aback by a $70,000 Escalade, why is this any different? Only difference I can see is that the F-150 seats 3 less people, but features way more versatility.
  • It does 0-60 in 5.8s. That’s just as fast a new BMW 330. Except a 330 won’t tow 10,000lbs.
  • It gets about 20 MPG combined. That’s BETTER than the 550i XDrive. And the 550i can’t run over a damn thing.

Another question, how much should Ford charge for a vehicle that offers the following standard features, along with a ton of sweet towing options:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Collision Warning
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Brake Assist
  • Lane-Keep
  • Heated Front and Rear Seats/Mirrors/Steering Wheel
  • Ventilated Seats
  • Automatic High Beams
  • Rain Sensing Wipers

This is a great truck for a fair price.

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