In Defense of the Chevrolet SS

I drive a beige Crown Vic, because of this I fly under the radar, nobody gives me a second glance or notices me (unless it’s at night as my headlights are infamous). I quite like this in a car, I like to think I am less of a target for police because it doesn’t draw attention. My experience with the Vic has changed my views on my future dream cars. It used to be Challengers and Mustangs but has changed to a Chevrolet SS.

I know what your thinking, “the one that looks like a Malibu”. This is an advantage in my book. No one will look twice but the enthusiasts will know that I have a 6.2L V8 415 horsepower, rear wheel drive and a manual. It’s Fast, unknown and under the radar, just as the Aussies intended.


Photo Credit: Chevrolet

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