I drove my Town Car in Center City today.

I haven’t regularly driven it in years. It was at ~250k when I decided it was reliable enough to buy a shitty Jag, and it hasn’t gained much since. I don’t want to get rid of it until it dies, and it doesn’t want to die.


Some observations:

It has torque at the low end, which is where it matters. This isn’t a car your accelerate in, it’s a car you accellaerate in front of someone in.

It hits all the potholes, and it does not care. And neither do you in body-on-frame with air suspension.

Mostly everyone realizes you have nothing to lose, and they will not fuck with you.*


No cop will ever pull you over in a Town Car.

I like these cars. They have one purpose and the fulfill it very well

Cab drivers will fuck with you, because they think you’re another cab.