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In failure, there was success

This is what awaited me in Tampa. After driving 3 hours I was ready to get to work to be able to drive this POS to Daytona. And at first, it was going to work.


As we tore into the car to replace the fuel tank and pump, we ran into a few problems. First, was that the tank appeared to be slightly different from our previous car even the they were both ‘85s. But all the holes, bolts and hoses aligned. Or so we thought.

In the end, there was just no fuel pressure. We absolutely could not figure out why. The pump ran, the car cranked. All lines were hooked up. But it just wouldn’t get fuel. And yes, we put fuel in it.

So, today I drove back to Tampa. This time that car was coming with me. And I got to drive a brand new vehicle. Something I rarely get to do.

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