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In Honor of our Presidents, some Capitalism

Mrs. IM needs a car! The QX60 as expected, is kaput. She wants to downsize to a small SUV, wagon, or sedan, and my enjoyment of the GTI has convinced her to drop out of the luxury segment because it ain’t worth the money. She is also interested in a manual to keep her more engaged. We will likely be leasing, but a purchase is possible. So it is time for Oppo to chime in.

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I would prefer to put down no more than $7500, but I could prefer to keep it at $5k or so. I could probably come up with $10k if I reeeally needed to. Budget for payment is up to about $600 per month, but I like to keep it less. Which makes me think about a purchase price budget of around $30-$40k.

Whaddaya got, Oppo?

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