Here's the last proper Camel Trophy, Mongolia 1997.

Next years Trophy took place in Tierra del Fuego, and ended up using the POS Freelander. That's because Camel Trophy had now become the world's most pretentious triathlon. Realizing it was crap, LR dropped the partnership with Camel, leading to the cancellation of the 99 event. There was one more held in Tonga-Samoa that happened in 2000, which mainly involved exploring it in powerboats.

It was actually the most successful CT ever. But then Camel cigarette owners RJ Reynolds were purchased by Japan Tabacco ink, who decided a clothing line fit Camel better, so CT was axed.


Meanwhile Land Rover ended up running their own events, known as G4 challenge. There were two, 2003 and 2006, with 03 being like CT 98 and 06 featuring multiple vehicle challenges across multiple countries. There was going to be a G4 challenge in 2009 that would be almost exactly like CT, but then the economy tanked. The way SUV market is now, I don't see LR doing that event anytime soon, because China.

Wow, this post was longer then expected. Don't know why I got so ranty. It's just I have to go back to school tomorrow, and I just lost I a ton of faith in a brand that has inspired me ever since I could remember, and seeing those fuck tard commentators on the latest Driven video who want Chris Haris to do every drive video. Fuck me I hate those cunt nuggets. UHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Fuck. Hope I dropped some knowledge on your ass at least. Not that anybody is going to read this. The longer and more thought out my posts are, the less people read them.