In hopes of good weather

Another flying weekend has arrived!

The weather forecast is looking pretty good. It’s supposed to be cloudy, but the terminal area forecast says the clouds will be high, so there should be plenty of space to fly in.


I got bored yesterday, so I took some random stuff and made a little glider to chuck around the hotel room. It’s amazing what can be cobbled together and made to fly.

That’s a collection of coffee stirrers and index cards held together with some hot glue. The change on the front is for balance. I broke a stirrer into three pieces for wing ribs and bent them to shape so the wing would have a little lift. It doesn’t have a proper spar, but the leading edge gives it some strength. I was planning to glue up extensions and give the wing some dihedral, but I tossed it across the room and it flew fairly well as-is. Then I spent the next half-hour tossing it around, making tweaks to the control surfaces, and making repairs when I hit the wall instead of the curtains. I have a larger R/C plane with me, but I may take this little one out and toss it around while I’m waiting for batteries to charge.

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