Last month or so ago my GF and I roadtripped from the Southernmost point of the US (Key West) to the Northernmost point in NY (Plattsburgh). It wasn't a contiguous trip, we had to work, after all, but in the end we covered 4200 + miles up and down the East Coast of the US.

I've been trying to figure out what to write about, which is why this "trip report" is so late. But honestly, it was rather non eventful. I could write about the vehicle:

2013 Toyota Tacoma - was a comfortable, if uninspiring ride. Able to carry 2.5 dogs (one is only 15 lbs, that barely qualifies) and 2 bikes and whatever random stuff. Umm, it drank a lot of gas? It really wasn't a very exciting vehicle, unlike my miata with a trailer I drove from Atlanta to Plattsburgh a couple years ago.

I could give you a play by play of the stops, but do you really want to know about my parents joint 70-year old birthday surprise celebration? No. (But it was very lovely).

The highlight for me, personally, was probably riding the FlyBoard down in Key West:

That was rad. Standing on nothing but jets of water and basically flying through the air is, to put it simply -fucking awesome.

One thing Jalops might be interested in that I noticed on the long drive from Miami to Key West is this: all the convertibles are Mustangs and they are probably all rentals. There ya go.

Here are some other things I gathered on the trip:
- New Jersey is actually quite nice. Spent a couple great days at the Shore - Bradley Beach, which, unlike the beach in Rio de Janero, made me feel extremely fit and good looking

- New York City is all right (if you like saxophones).

- Jet skiing in Lake Champlain can be dangerous:


- Carrie Fisher is insane (seriously, don't buy it)


Seriously though, it was a great couple of trips. I absolutely love driving on roadtrips and would take it over flying anytime. You really do miss a lot rushing place to place. Passing through all these little towns and places you don't see or think about adds up to a fantasti experience.

So go on! Get out there. And look out for Carrie Fisher.