I propose we stock up on trench coats and fake mustaches.

Some advice for conduct:

Don’t comment on articles on a possible new Supra about how the new one should be cheap like the original. They were never cheap.

If discussing the music of today, and if you must speak of it favorably, remember to spell rap as cRap and act like you’re very clever. This will confuse the algorithms and make them think you’re an old.

Make a point of replacing “school” with “work” and “classmate” with “fraternity brother.” Example: “today at work, some guy said his mom’s Macan can run 11s. My fraternity brother told him that he runs 11s on his mom.”


When asking for first car advice, replace “first car” with “last car I will own.”

Do covet Corvettes. Do not covet Toyobarus.

Remember that shitposting is the highest form or maturity on Oppo. Any and all and well thought out posts will expose you.