The whole town of Nurburg, Germany is a hub world.

Or maybe Mie Prefecture in Japan is enough a hub world? Surely all of Macau will work fine? Or maybe Indianapolis, Indiana will suffice? I was thinking Northamptonshire in England or Emilia-Romagna in Italy or even the entirety of the Isle of Man would make for stunning locations, but I can’t just leave out Le Mans in France. Or Monaco, small as it is. Heck, even Melbourne can do well enough... I think.

I don’t know. Maybe there should just be three or four hub worlds for starters and then just add other ones every year as $15 DLC packs with new cars and events and parts.

One thing has to be constant, though: Manila must be a hub world. Yes, it isn’t as stunning as the locations above, but 1) I’d like to put it there because the game’s gonna be made in the Philippines, 2) I’d like something different and out of left field, and 3) because I wanna recreate the Philippine Grand Prix. Not that I have some better ideas for one.

How about you? What places would make for an exciting racing game hub world?