The whole town of Nurburg, Germany is a hub world.

Or maybe Mie Prefecture in Japan is enough a hub world? Surely all of Macau will work fine? Or maybe Indianapolis, Indiana will suffice? I was thinking Northamptonshire in England or Emilia-Romagna in Italy or even the entirety of the Isle of Man would make for stunning locations, but I canā€™t just leave out Le Mans in France. Or Monaco, small as it is. Heck, even Melbourne can do well enough... I think.

I donā€™t know. Maybe there should just be three or four hub worlds for starters and then just add other ones every year as $15 DLC packs with new cars and events and parts.

One thing has to be constant, though: Manila must be a hub world. Yes, it isnā€™t as stunning as the locations above, but 1) Iā€™d like to put it there because the gameā€™s gonna be made in the Philippines, 2) Iā€™d like something different and out of left field, and 3) because I wanna recreate the Philippine Grand Prix. Not that I have some better ideas for one.

How about you? What places would make for an exciting racing game hub world?