Wash me

In my never-ending and seemingly futile quest to shower my vehicles with love, attention, and cash, the Alfa is finally wrapping up its suspension rebuild.

It kicked off my me drinking a bottle of soju and ordering a lot of parts. All bushings, tie rods, and ball joints for the front, plus front and rear shocks and springs. I went with the “soft” sport 0.5" lowering springs and Koni Classics all around.

After that, the Alfa club met up for a front end tech session where a bunch of us got together to completely tear apart and rebuild my front end. Needless to say it needed it.

Remove your old springs with the one weird trick... or a torch


Worn bushing is worn
Didn’t have the room for the factory tool so... don’t try this at home.


After that, we set off to do the rear, which was much more straightforward and was able to be finished in a few hours.


Net effects

Really nothing feels different, though I think that is because my suspension is so incredibly out of adjustment right now it isn’t funny. Next stop is the alignment shop. I did go over a few bumps on the way home and was surprised by the composure.


Also, while the lowering looks “the business” my cat is about 3" from the ground. I’d planned on completely redoing the exhaust, but now that has jumped up on the TODO list to #3.

Oh and we adjusted my parking brake and it is awesome now.

Still TODO (before May 24th)

  1. Alignment
  2. Swap wheels
  3. Exhaust
  4. Driveline rebuild
  5. Main fuel line replacement

Track Day

So.... May 24th is the Alfa club track day and I am apparently going. I don’t want to as I don’t regard my Alfa as a track car, but the Alfa club insisted and I can hardly say no to them at this point.


So yeah, apparently I am doing a track day in a 30 year old convertible.