In my very near future

HP - You are the literal worst. It’s not enough that the cartridges are a total scam, but the second I buy the large expensive cartridges ($80+ worth of ink) the ENTIRE printer fails.

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These are brand new genuine HP cartridges. I did the troubleshooting and cleaning and other faff then I call up support (holy hell with those guys...) “yes your printer has served you very well and now it is broken can I interest you in an upgrade?”


“The service life of a printer is 5-6 years and you bought it in 2013 so its served you well and its time for a new one.”


Come to think of died EXACTLY 6 years later. Also the scanner sympathy failed at the exact same time? yeah.


I told the fella - “Honestly...I will never buy another HP product so long as I live, they have been nothing but utter disappointments and this was the nail in the coffin.”

Looks like I’ve got some pistol fodder next time I go out shooting.

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