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In need of Motivation (Those in college)

In my final year of school, and have 1.5years of experience to boot. I have hated school pretty much my whole life, and it all comes down to this final year. I need to find the motivation though, and it's gotten so hard for me.

I'm in biomech engineering, and we have yet to make or do anything of worth. I hate that I'm in engineering and having been able to make a single mech thing... I've learned to program and dabbled in circuitry and made some of those things, and see my friends completing programs/circuits, and look at the mech side of things without shit to show. I hate that. It's so damn useless. We haven't even touched CAD.
Every school year I get the "I should just quit before I get too depressed to be worth it" thought in my head, though I've made it through so far with an OK gpa. I can do the work, just damn I'm so uninterested.

How do you people find the motivation to continue on school and the BS that comes with it?


Sorry for the rant.

Also: that's the car I want, and one of the few reasons I'm still in school. The other is the fiance.


***EDIT*** Keep the comments coming if you wish, but I'd like to thank everyone so far. Every answer provides insight and help, I'll get through fine I think. Just need to keep on truckin.

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