Hey Oppo. Been a while since I’ve really posted a legit post (something that’s not short and sweet). Here is my dilemma: I am thinking about selling the Taurus again. It is still an extremely clean car, but it is really starting to rust on the quarters now. And, as you all know, once it starts, it only rapidly deteriorates from there. It just crossed the 100k mark (sorry I didn’t post it) as well. While I’m not worried yet about the motor in it, I am very skeptical of the trans in it. The trans in these are notoriously shitty, and the fuel pump usually takes a shit around 100k as well. Not to mention, the rear struts are pretty much gone as well. While I do love this car, and will probably be sad to see it go (it was my grandmother’s), I just feel like it’s time to get into something different while I can still get a decent amount of money for the car.


I am going to look at this tomorrow. ‘91 Sierra with the 350 TBI. This is pretty much my ideal truck: single cab, short bed, 350 TBI, Z71, etc. So it is already something I love. It is a North Carolina truck, so the rockers are solid as hell, which is a big deal when you live in Michigan.


So, not only is it clean and something I like, it is also reliable. The 350 TBI is a killer motor for longevity, and this one has 150k on it (below average for this kind of truck). The guy is asking $3500 for it, and, if it is clean, I will hopefully be able to talk him down a little bit and purchase it. This is all assuming the truck is nice (for all I know, it could be a POS).

If some of you don’t like these trucks (*cough* Slowrunner *cough*), don’t worry, I’m looking into other things as well. I’m also looking at Regal GS’s, Dakotas, Jettas, and a few other things. So this truck isn’t necessarily all I want.


So, here’s my dilemma. Should I sell the Taurus and get into something else, or just stick with it? So long as I can find something below $4k, this is move is definitely financially feasible for me. It’s just the matter of what I want to do, and if I can find something nice enough within my budget. Thank you in advance for your opinions.

TL;DR: Wondering if I should sell my Taurus or not. Have options on what I want, just want to get some opinions on if I should sell it or not.

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