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In need of some ideas!

Since RB/SR red/yellow/beige top motors are all the rage these days(damn kids and their new fads), have a Nissan motor I actually know something about for your time...

So if I play my cards right, I should have 3 more semesters of college left before I have this nifty little thing called a degree. I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and since this next summer I should only be taking a class or two and they will most likely be online, I'd like to find some sort of internship or something to get my foot in the door before looking for a real job. In the area I'm in, I could easily do that at just about any of the plethora of government contractors that work for the 4 bases within 80 miles, but I don't really want to do that. I know that I'll probably end up working for one of them down the road, but I want to do something interesting for at least a little bit before selling my soul to the man. I really find embedded systems and control structures interesting, and I'm pretty good at that kind of thing, and had thought about doing something automotive with it(I'm more versed in all of that than most). Last spring I sent some nicely worded cover letters and my resume to a few companies that I thought I could be of benefit to(Cobb Tuning and a racing team that does all their in house development) and didn't get any replies, even after a follow up. Not. One.


So, anyone else gone through this and have any tips, ideas for where to try, ways to approach it? I won't go as far as to ask for a hook up or good word since you don't really know me well enough to speak of my character or skills, but I just don't want to completely strike out again.

Thanks a bunch Oppo.

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