What do you guys think about the G35?

As I've posted before, I've been looking at cars because I'm getting my license soon, and the parents are willing to spend more then I was expecting. However, they want something more modern and safe then all the RWD coupes from the 90's I've suggested. I first I was pissed because I really want something RWD and manual (I know, I should be thankful I'm even getting the opportunity to get a car), but then I remembered the early 2000s have a bunch of great sport sedans.

I turned to the E42 3 series, but quickly I realized it was way to unreliable for a first car. I then thought the first gen IS would be great, but I have that pesky manual requirement and almost none were sold with one. The few I found had way to many miles on them and seemed to be beat to hell.

All hope seemed lost and my thoughts where turning to SRT-4s, Civics, SS's and GTIs. But then, I remembered the G35. Based on the FX platform and powered by the beloved Nissan's VQ engine (before it became the punchline of the 370Z), the G35 was pretty much a nicer 350Z that in some cases had 4 doors. That good, because like the first gen SC300, it avoided it's sportier cousin's fate of having all examples modded to hell. Anyway, I did a quick search on cars.com and what do you know?! There are a million of these things on the market that have manuals and (unlike the 350z) are in decent shape!

As you can tell I'm quite excited, because even thought I've only casualty mentioned it to my parents, there is hope for me getting a RWD manual car. But anyway, back to the main question. Does anybody have an ownership experience with the G35? Problems? Thoughts? How the overall car is? It beat the E42 in a C&D comparo test back in o3 (I think), so that's something.