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I took my old 2010/11 vintage laptop and gave it some love. My lovely XPS15 (L502x) running a 2nd gen Core i7. I replaced it’s death-rattling fan for $16, and where It used to have a 640gb Toshiba, I plopped in a 250gb ssd. Now, you may say, “Why? It’s old.” But honestly it’s quite the good laptop rig. Here’s how.

A 2nd gen core i7 64bit 2720m is no slouch. 2 cores, 4 threads, so this will work very nice multitasking. 8gb ram. A nice 1080 screen, back lit keyboard in frankly a bit more comfortable dimension than laptops today, and on board JBL sound system with “sub-woofer” that was better an regular laptops but it’s really nothing to call your dad and brag about. The SSD was bought probably 2 years ago during a big newegg sale but languished ont he desk cause my desktop could never use the speed with it’s now ten year old motherboard. So, it’s got a new home now. It has a USB3 input, and blue-tooth, and a nice base to rest the wrists on. It’s a great secondary computer for use around the house. My current plans are to hook it up for Zwift bike training in the basement and some other light stuff that even now it’s probably way too much for. If anything else, I think a nephew or niece could use it. The battery pack, once i replace the dead one, is good for 6 hours at least and probably much more now with the SSD and not a mechanical drive, has a lump so it’s off the table top and can breathe well.


I just like bringing things to life, and this one was worthy. Plus, now that the SSD is in and the drivers are up to date, it loads faster than holy shit and flys loops in smoothness.

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