In other Porsche news...

While the 911 Carrera T is no doubt going to steal the headlines over the next few days with its tried and true “remove the radio and charge more” recipe, here is something else I noticed while perusing Porsche’s website.

As we previously learned from Nick Murray, European Delivery is no longer an option. It has been removed from the configurator.

PEC delivery in Atlanta was always available as a zero dollar option.

In addition to Atlanta, Porsche has now added PEC Los Angeles as a new delivery experience location. Both of these fancy delivery options are now at an extra cost, but the kicker is, the price varies by model.


$530 color matched ignition key, anyone? (Which still uses rubber buttons from a Pantech phone.)

This shameless milking of the customer is what drives me away from the brand. Yes, they have good product but also a terrible attitude problem. (Before you accuse me of talking sour grapes....I am a Porsche owner.)

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