In Photos: Exclusive Riviera Blue Audi S6

For those that know me, I’m a huge fan of the various blue paints that Audi has in their collection, be it: Sprint, Sepang, Nogaro, Ara, etc. I can now add Riviera Blue to that list.


Sure, I’ve seen some photos of Riviera Blue draped on an Audi S3 on the intarwebs, but not in person. I got a chance to see and do a quick photo shoot of an Audi S6 draped in Riviera Blue.


While ogling over the car and taking photos of it, the want of swapping my Sprint Blue S5 for the Riviera Blue S6 grew and grew. Of course, reality kicked in and my wallet and bank account collectively and swiftly kicked me in the you-know-where.


Additional photos have been posted on to Flickr.

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