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In praise of the beater.

I know you’re out there. You can afford a decent car, in fact you might own several, yet, you own a beater and still drive it frequently.

When “Cash For Clunkers” came out, I was amazed by the families who had solid $150K household incomes and drove crap cans. Well, at least they kept crap cans in the family along with some nicer rides.


There is a decent percentage of people who are conservative to the core and don’t give a rip about what other people think about what they drive. Are you one of them?

I still frequently drive an a ancient 16 year old first generation Jeep Liberty. We have nicer cars, but, the Liberty gets called upon for most of our basic mundane trips. It always starts, has great visibility, insurance is cheap, and I can park it anywhere without worry.


Tell us about your beater. What is it, why do you still drive it, and maybe even love it?

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