...I thought I should actually get a car into a reasonable enough condition for a road trip. So, swapped the old rusted exhaust system for a full stainless one (only £280 including a 4-2-1!), and this pic is the newly installed polybushes in the rear (only £60 for a car set!). Love how cheap bits are for this car :)

The only negative reviews I’ve heard of for these polybushes are general squeaking and one or two counts of the crush tubes corroding into the bush, causing the whole thing to seize up and fatigue the wishbone (on an MX-5, but same company that makes the bushes). However, whenever these complainants post up pics the bushes look like they’d been pressed in bone-dry so no wonder they get problems!

These probably have about half a kilo of copperslip on them so we’ll see if that’s the trick ;)

Still to do are front bushes, swap in a TF rack (less vague in the middle and slightly shorter ratio), replace a balljoint at the front, swap the tyres and replace the O2 sensor (turns out, if you’re a moron and accidentally clamp the wires inbetween the manifold and the head, they don’t work so well anymore...).