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In Retrospect: An article I posted here at the age of 14

Way back in 2015, I wrote this article. I was 14.

I’m 18 now. I’m pretty impressed my 14 year old self wrote that article. 80s M cars really have gone up in value astronomically, and you can now find tons of articles from the past two or so years discussing this increase in value.


My dad still has his 1987 M6, and it’s in pretty much the same condition cosmetically. Quite frankly, it needs a lot of help.

Mechanically though, it’s sound. We’ve entirely redone the cooling system, fuel system, and brakes. I hope to drive it sometime in the next month.


That’s all. Happy Tuesday.

Edit: Also... Jalopnik posted an article of mine in 2015. I was, again, 14. Highlight of my childhood.


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