It’s a long story, so I’ll just give you the gist of it. Of the many guys I know called “big Al” This one had the most project cars. This is his pick of the litter form a collection of over 200 project cars. Early last year someone Had been poking around properties adjacent to the “awesome stash” with golf things in mind. The golf thing did not happen but the previously well hidden stash had been noticed by nimbys. So he got the old “crush em or we’ll do it for you and send the bill” letter from the municipality and he sold or junked about 175 cars that summer. It was a serious effort and being an old guy, Al was beat at the end of it, but never got his energy back.

You probably know where this is going, Went to the doctor, found out he had metastatic ultra-cancer. 2 years tops with chemo etc. So Big Al’s baby out of all the cars went to the other Big Al’s little bodyshop for an expedited body and paint job. So that he could Drive it for a year. Here it is in the paint booth with 2 kinds of primer on it.

So to recap for you, Old dude had a well hidden stash of cars that wasn’t bothering anyone. THE MAN made him get rid of said stash that wasn’t bothering anyone. He spent his last good days dealing with this. His FOREVER car is IN THE BOOTH RIGHT NOW! and we all just found out that he’s been give a couple days at most. Life’s not fair but this one hurts.

What we can do while he’s still around is tell him he has a cool car. If you’re reading this and are on this site at all, you know as well as I do, What’s it all about if not cars?


It’s a 53 Pontiac 2 dr hardtop.


not exactly like this but close.