The M5 is great, but its too nice to drive in the winter.

Plus, my commute is going to increase from 38 to 56 miles a day. Keeping the thirsty beast full will make my wallet cry.


I would like something in decent shape, comfortable, fuel efficient, fun, light and large-ish. I’m thinking a small wagon or small SUV.

I need it in the next 2 months.

No sedans (have one), no trucks (they don’t have enough cabin space and are rarely cheap and good).


My budget is 2000. Its a little flexible, but cheaper is gooder.

I’m thinking of a pre-2000 RAV4. What do you think? Any other ideas?

UPDATE: I just realized that I sorta want a daily / winter car.

And I want it to be nice.

So $2000 is a really small budget for a picky fucker such as myself....Got any other ideas?


I guess I could get rid of the beater after winter and think about what to do for a daily...

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