Last night I watched a documentary on the Z cars, and it made me want to go find one to review. More than that, I want to compare the original 240Z to the modern FR-S/BRZ.

I know, I know, the inspiration for the Toyobaru was the Toyota AE86 platform. But look at a 240Z, compare it to a modern 86, and there’s a lot of resemblance. The appearance is similar, and both cars were designed to be fun affordable sport coupes for their times. The Z got bigger, heavier, and more luxurious over time, but the original 240Z stayed true to this formula.

A friend of mine has an ugly 240Z with a 280ZX turbo motor. I drove it at an autocross or two a while back and it was awesome, but unfortunately it hasn’t been running for several years now. It’s a long shot, but if anyone knows someone who knows someone in southern New England who might be willing to help me do a side-by-side comparison of a 240Z and my BRZ, please let me know. Thanks!