In Sorrow, Some Refreshing Honesty

A friend of mine committed suicide this week. I hadn’t seen him since 1996 but he was one of the few people I hung out with all the time in the summer of ‘93 and ‘94. I remember bombing around Somerset county, PA, in his ‘79 Firebird and later ‘87 Civic hatch.

Just like this, but with a silver passenger door.
Could be the same exact car...

He introduced me to all kinds of music - including one of my favorite bands, Bad Religion. Hanging out at his mom’s place, getting drunk for the first time, having silly teenage adventures, and all kinds of other things you do from age 14-16.

Whenever I was out and about with someone who wasn’t family, it was with him and a few others.

I wish I had kept in touch more.

But the refreshing honesty...

In his obituary, they said “Jason lost his lifelong battle with bipolar depression.”


They acknowledged that he succumbed to a mental illness. I honestly don’t know if I can handle any pontificating about depression or suicide from people who haven’t dealt with chronic mental illness.

I’ve been in that place before. If you haven’t, you can’t understand. I don’t want you to understand, but don’t judge.


If you need help, remember that you’re not alone. Call the national suicide prevention lifeline. 1-800-273-8255 

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