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In Soviet Russia...

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Porsche breaks YOU. In this case, it fractured my thumb...Here’s how. :/

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Using this picture for reference, on almost all Porsche cars from the 60s-90s, they use a plastic ball socket on a threaded rod to adjust the length of travel of the linkage to open the door. One of mine snapped and got a new one today. I got both sides on without much trouble but the length was too short on the passenger side so I popped it off, and lengthened it. However I couldn’t get it back on so I did what I’ve done since my 944 and pushed with all my might using my left thumb. And then it gave up, my thumb that is.

First time for everything, I’ve never done anything like this before and now I can hold my thumb positively up telling everyone “My Porsche broke my thumb”.

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