...but now with huge multi-car wrecks during restarts.

NASCAR introduced new rules for the 2015 season that they'd hoped would reduce the advantage of the leader of a race who enjoys "clean air" (more down force) and not let the leader to run away from the field.


NASCAR implemented a tapered throttle body spacer that reduces horsepower from nearly 900 to about 725. Secondly, in order to keep the top speeds as close to what Sprint Cup cars were running last year, NASCAR also reduced the amount of downforce and drag, (and areo-dependency).

It didn't work, but perhaps it did lead to two huge multi-car wrecks late in the race, the likes I hadn't seen before on a 1.5 mile track.


All of the good kings men couldn't put Humpty back together again, and 'ol Six Time ran away with it. Again.

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