In the last episode of our web series "Going Places", I got chauffeured around Las Vegas in a Rally Fighter and my brother wore a t-shirt with a giant kitten on it. The day before that we made loud noises in a red Jaguar F-Type. Today we have a black Maserati, our camera gear, and a bag full of hair...

Las Vegas during the day is like a strip club during the day. It's filled with a few very strange people in sweatpants, and it's best just to stay away until the sun goes down. We heed our own advice and grabbed the keys to our $140,000, jet black Maserati GranTourismo Convertible. A 450bhp pants chariot of epic proportions if there ever was one. Compared to the Jaguar F-Type, it has more of everything. More space. More seats. More cylinders. More buttons. More horsepower and torque. More wood grained thingies. More clocks. And it costs much more money.

The Mazer costs around $140,000 while the V6 Jag F-Type we were driving yesterday costs "only" $70,000. Different leagues, these two cars, and that's ok. Each one is special in its own unique way, right kids? Strangely enough, their performance is strikingly close as they both clock a 0-60 time of 5.1 seconds. With 100 more horsepower than the Jag how is this possible? Well, it's a simple lesson in lightness from the great Colin Chapman. Less, is more. Specifically, less weight means more speed. And soon we happily found ourselves speeding away from The Strip. We wanted to go explore the desert and I had stashed a game in the trunk that would provide us with a little brotherly competition. Turns out my brother can hit the ball a frickin' mile.


This Maserati also happened to be a home run with us as well, because it makes you instantly feel cool. At a stoplight it says confidently "Hey look at me!", then when that person in the Chrysler Pacifica looks over, it shouts back "What the f**k you looking at??" Then you just mash the throttle and go BLAHHHWW HAHAAAMM. Annoying everyone within earshot has never been so satisfying. Coming back to reality we soon realized it was time to leave. See, we're shooting this trip ourselves, so once we got all the shots we needed, it was time to bolt on back to the hotel and get setup for the final segment. But first things first - we needed to disable the traction control and point the car in the right direction. I doubt the family sitting at a nearby picnic table thought this idea was as fun as we did.

The car itself is gorgeous and it's stood the test of time, essentially unchanged since 2007. My brother said the (wood) steering wheel felt cheap. I wonder aloud if that's what expensive things feel like, because how would I know. He says that makes no sense. I eat Twizzlers on the ride back. We hit that tunnel we drove through in the Jag. We hustle back to our room and prepare for the ultimate cruise down the strip...because we intended to finish up this trip to Las Vegas like true rock stars.