And millions of dollars.

So, took my 2006 Mini Cooper S in today for its first scheduled maintenance, since the dealership I bought it from said the first service would be free, so long as I had it done at their shop. Since I was in the area today anyway, I scheduled an afternoon appointment.

While waiting, I decided to walk around the shop. This was the contents of the other half of the shop:

-The, as in the only one in the world, Mercedes Lotec C1000
-A race-ready Noble M12
-An all-original, clean-as-a-angel's-asscrack Datsun 280z
-The blackest black Camaro to have ever lived as a wheeled mullet
-A Nova SS so bright yellow it could pass as an actual supernova
-A Lamborghini LM-freakin'-002
-And, tucked up onto the lift in the far edge, a 1-of-328-ever-produced Lamborghini Jarama.


My fizzy bits were quite fizzed.