In the Presence of Greatness: Baja Bug, Trophies, Lemons

I took a trip out to a local shop to pick up my baja bug today after having extensive work done. I didn't pick it up, since it still has an electrical gremlin, and the insurance card I brought was actually expired.

You may be able to recognize the shop or the proprietor from the following images.


Cars, cars, cars, and secret cars.

These are good advertisement!


So are these! And my baja super bug did a little photo-bombing.

While I was stumbling through the shop looking for a bathroom, I found a motor. It intrigued me, so I asked about it. I was then shown a giant manilla folder marked "TOP SECRET." Since its top secret, I'm not divulging much information here. I really don't want my baja bug sold into lemons-slavery as payment. What I can say is that the planned lemons contender should be a global hodgepodge of VERY jalop cars and feature an unappreciated and very ahead of its time motor.

Can anybody guess the shop?

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