I think most of us would agree that putting the caps on pens, or retracting the ball of a pen, or the tip of a highlighter is not difficult. Well, we may all be wrong.

Many months ago I bought a set of highlighters for the shop, as we were out, and I need to them to highlight how screwed people are. Well these were regular highlighters with caps. That didn’t go over well. They kept drying out because my boss seems incapable of putting the caps back on. And then he’d lose them. So I bought retractable highlighters thinking that would be easier. NOPE. I have to constantly follow behind him to retract the highlighters so they won’t dry out.

I also think he’s eating pens. I’ll buy a box of pens and they’ll be gone within a week or two. And customers aren’t taking them. We used to have the ones with the business name them, and a few customers took those. We had a box of hundreds. They were gone in six months.

I have an interview at a Honda store on Monday. I don’t want to work there, but I don’t want to work here either. I’m hoping that Volkswagen calls me in for an interview at their top secret test facility located just off the 101 at the corner of Sturgis.