Picked up some LED replacement headlights for the truck, took it out and got them adjusted and aimed so as to not blind oncoming drivers. The ones I got are Hikari 2020 updated 9007-style (dual beam) modules, which were pretty much plug & play after figuring out how the removable lock mount worked in conjunction with the factory headlight lock ring.

These use Cree XLamp XHP50.2 LEDs, which are rated at ~2600 lumens per. Each Hikari module has four of them, two for low beam and two more for high beam. They face side to side when inserted into the headlight housings. The low beams have little metal pockets surrounding half of the LED which, when oriented correctly, the pockets are underneath the LEDs inside the housings.


Anyway, some video of them in action. They start in high beam, I switch to low beam around the 11 second mark, and then back to high at 29 seconds.

Overall I’m very pleased, makes a big difference on dark rural roads.

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