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In today's edition of "drama with teenage daughters..."

Nothing to see here... Move along...

Last night I sent a message to the kids asking them to come see me this weekend. Sunday happens to be my sister’s birthday, so it’s a good excuse to get them here. I did put a little caveat on it though, that the youngest needed to come stay with me for a bit and that they should come in one car, “to help teach her stick shift.”


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Older daughter drives a Mini Cooper with a 6-speed, and I’ve been on them both that the younger one needs to learn how to drive stick, so none of this is out of character for me.

This morning they read the message, and apparently the deadbeat boyfriend was there. How or why he was there has not yet been answered to my satisfaction, but apparently his response was, “wow, road trip”. The daughter is under some impression that he’s invited along. Why would I invite this idiot to my sister’s birthday?


The kids had already started working on a plan to come to my house, but I wanted to head some of this nonsense off at the pass. I sent a follow up note to only the older daughter to clarify, “I understand from your mom that Nick believes he is invited. Please let him know that is not the case. I don’t want him here. My house, my call. Daughters only.

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